GRACE has been in “crisis mode” since the March 2020 outbreak of COVID-19 and has overcome nearly all of the challenges that came its way. The winter storms that pounded North Texas this week are no exception.

GRACE assisted the City of Grapevine’s warming facility at The REC, which served as the official warming station for those without electricity in their homes. GRACE staff worked with the American Red Cross and Grapevine Police, Fire, and Medical Services on numerous services to those in need. GRACE caseworkers have been on call 24/7 to provide food, sheltering, clothing, and medical care as needed.

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Client Services case managers have been fielding emergency calls and reaching out to vulnerable client families…sometimes calling numerous times to make sure that a call was answered.

Like millions in North Texas, the GRACE offices on East Walnut was without power since early Monday. Still, the GRACE Food Pantry has been operating with volunteers and staff packaging food boxes for those who can come by the Food Pantry.

As weather permitted, GRACE has been delivering food boxes to seniors’ homes. The delivery gives GRACE workers a chance to check-in on the health and well-being of these seniors, many who live alone.

The GRACE Community Clinic has been fighting on two fronts—providing routine medical assistance and COVID vaccinations, while focusing its Tele-Med services on those established patients needing care at home, with medications, medical equipment, and referrals to area hospital facilities.

As the power returned to the GRACE offices, water leaks in the Community Clinic, Clothing Room, and several offices had GRACE staff scrambling for trashcans to catch the runoff, while others contacted friends at Berkeys Plumbing, A/C, and Electrical to stem the tide. As of today, we are dealing with flooding at our Transitional Housing unit.

Still, the damage caused by frozen pipes at the GRACE office pales in comparison to many who are finding catastrophic damages in their homes. GRACE anticipates the next phase—the next few days—will find people with ruined food, clothing, bedding, furniture, and other losses seeking assistance.

Rest assured, GRACE will stay in the fight as long as staff and funding continues. The generosity of those in our community cannot be praised enough. GRACE is truly only a channel through which their generosity reaches those in need.

Though everyone is hurting from this latest round of crises to upend our lives, your gift to GRACE is a way for everyone to climb out.

Thank you to anyone in the community that helped someone else…we are truly grateful to you.

Let’s start the process of cleaning this up together!

For assistance, call the GRACE 24-hour hotline at 817-602-1204.