The GRACE Family took a moment to welcome another new family to our Transitional Housing Program this week.

The client’s ‘First Look’ at their new home and the home blessing by Pastor Sterling Smith of White’s Chapel United Methodist Church are now conducted online via Zoom but that doesn’t stop anyone involved from feeling the emotions of a family starting a new life.  

This week’s home reveal to a mother and her beautiful daughter was especially touching. After welcoming the new family into their gorgeous and fully furnished home, the new resident spoke very openly about her struggles.

“I am so thankful that the Lord has not only given me new life but abundant life and I thank you all so, so much.”

GRACE staff along with a collection of volunteers and partners watched as the family discovered new furniture, full cabinets, a stocked fridge, and the ‘real’ beds that they both get to sleep in after staying in shelters for so long.

Transitional Housing Case Manager Ravan Anderson is the only person allowed at the home besides the new residents which gives her a unique perspective on the festivities.

“Of course, I prefer the face to face welcomes because they’re so rewarding, but considering the times that we are living in, these virtual events work great. It’s exciting for everyone involved…all the work, all the tears – it’s gratifying.”

The home blessing is only the start of a rewarding adventure and that’s maybe the most exciting part of all for Ravan.

“Giving them advice, helping them save money, developing their career and education – being able to start this journey with that family… that’s truly what I look forward to the most.”

Once again the amazing team at WCUMC including Martha and Don Reukema, Leslie Williams, Jane Duft, Carol White, Brooke Akers, Lesley Holt, Leigh Lanham helped furnish and prepare this lovely home. Jim Williams, Rich Duft, and Carey Cockerell from the ‘Dirty Dozen’ WCUMC crew made sure, as always, that the home was structurally sound and did any necessary repairs before move in day.

Thank you to all who help us with this program. If you’d like to get involved please contact the Transitional Housing Manager Brittany Flewellen at 817-305-4641