GRACE is looking to the community to help provide a reliable car for a client, who was involved in a car accident that totaled her only form of transportation.  Deanna is a 30-year old single mother to her daughter, Lauren, who is a kindergartener. Unfortunately, the damage the crash caused is more than the car is worth.

Deanna is finishing the last four weeks of school before she begins her externship leading to a full time role as a Medical Office Assistant. This mother has made tremendous strides in carving out a promising path for her daughter, and discouraging event like this is an opportunity for the community to provide hope and strengthen this young family.

This is just one example of the many transportation crises we see for a one-car family who experiences costly repairs, the repercussion of a “lemon”, or simply the only car they could afford that died before they were prepared to pay for another one. Some families, such as single mothers or fathers, have a difficult time even purchasing a car and maintainig their other bills.

Car donations are crucial in ensuring families like Deanna have reliable transportation to work and school, so they are able to increase their earning potential, make their rent or take their children to day care.

Do you have a car to donate?

If you are able to provide a mode of transportation, or have any resources available to help Deanna have a car to drive, please contact GRACE Programs Director Stacy Pacholick. All car donations will benefit GRACE families based on need.