GRACE’s Mobile Food Pantry program ensures perishable produce and bread donated at the end of the week are given at neighborhoods where residents are most vulnerable to food insecurity.

The program has worked seamlessly in conjunction with our Feed Our Kids program, and the experience has been richly rewarding for volunteers and receivers alike.

The tables are set up like a farmer’s market, stocked with delectable fruits and kitchen staples, such as watermelon, onions, corn and sweet potatoes.

In just 5 weeks, GRACE’s Mobile Food Pantry has been able to give bagged groceries to 996 family members to feed 216 households.

That means if you lined a watermelon from end to end for every individual who picked up bags of groceries, they would travel from Macs on Main all the way to Main Street Bakery!

There are exciting negotiations underway to explore the possibility of continuing GRACE Grocery Giveaway throughout the year. Please continue to pray for the families who receive the groceries, that they are nourished and provided for.