GRACE was honored to be United Way of Tarrant County’s first Featured Agency, a social media initiative to share the mission of GRACE with the community at large.

United Way is an affiliation that strategically partners with select organizations that target the root causes of societal issues and reinvests into local solutions. United Way also monitors their affiliates to ensure the funds are properly stewarded and reflect positive, measurable outcomes.

In 2016 United Way made the unprecedented decision to forgo all fees for donor resignations through charitable workplace designation. In plain English, that means 100% of every donation designated to GRACE through United Way supports GRACE programs!

One recent example of United Way’s partnership was last year’s phenomenal VITA program, a tax-assistance campaign that generated over $250,000 in EITC dollars and Child Tax Credit. This promotes a healthier local economy and allows families to save for the future.

Thanks to United Way for highlighting GRACE programs with the community!