“Wow! What a gorgeous setting! The excellent food, wine and company made for a super fun evening. Thank you for all of the new friends you brought to GRACE.!!!”

                                                                 —Beth Chernik, GRACE Seasonal Programs Coordinator

Sommelier Michael Galluccio, CSW, WSET II, offers exciting insight into the wines sampled at the GRACE Gala “Friend Raiser”.

Accolades like this one were numerous and offered to GRACE Gala chairs Ana Erwin and Jessica Cruz, and Gala Sponsor Chair LeAnn Brown. Their planning, and the generosity of hosts Madeline and David Ricci, made for a wonderful “friend raiser” Wednesday night.

Set in the old world-style courtyard of the Ricci’s home in Westlake, well over thirty friends, neighbors, associates, and well-wishers joined to learn more about GRACE and the GRACE Gala. The icing on the cake—er—the bubbles in the prosecco, was a presentation by Italian wine specialist Michael Galluccio from Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits.

GRACE Gala Co-chairs Jessica Cruz and Ana Erwin (l-r) update event status with guests at Wednesday night’s “Friend Raiser”.

The evening was concepted in a conversation at a recent Gala Committee meeting. Madeline Ricci had visited GRACE earlier this year, and was so taken by the continuum of care provided by GRACE programs and services, she and David became Gala Platinum Feature Sponsors.

In addition to personally supporting the mission of GRACE, Madeline wanted—somehow—to tell the GRACE story to her friends. Ana, Jessica, LeAnn, and Madeline set out to create an event to do just that. Wednesday night was a perfect mix of history, mission, and vision provided by GRACE Chief Executive Officer Shonda Schaefer, and an illustration of the celebration and fun of the Gala by Sommelier Galluccio.

“We are so blessed to have donors and friends who become advocates for us,” said Schaefer. “Wanting to share about GRACE to a circle of friends is a very personal commitment. We cannot thank the Ricci’s enough.”

The GRACE Gala is Saturday, November 6 at the Irving Convention Center. Sponsorships, tables, and individual seats are available. For more information, contact Mark Woolverton at 972-743-8556, or visit www.gracegala.com.