It never ceases to amaze us how God meets the specific needs of this agency. Just over a month ago, Executive Director Shonda Schaefer was seated next to Nancy Coplen, Stake Public Affairs Director of The Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-day Saints and GRACE nominee for the Colleyville Chamber Leadership Award.

Nancy’s husband, Phil Coplen, Warehouse Manager of Bishops’ Storehouse, was retiring a forklift that retained all its function, and the two pondered if it could be used elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the Food Pantry had been in great need of another forklift to streamline processes and easily transport pallets of commodities to the storefront.

If the Food Pantry were to purchase a new forklift, it would have costed the agency up to $33,000.

Bishops’ Storehouse is a like-minded ministry to meet the needs of those in crisis. Food and supplies from the Bishops’ Storehouse is often sent to those affected by natural disasters, wars, or economic crises at a moment’s notice.

This week Nancy Coplen, Phil Coplen and Bishop Mark Glassman of the Colleyville Ward presented the repaired forklift to Food Pantry Manager, Rusty Thigpen.

Thanks to these giving individuals for always looking for ways to serve those in need.