The Grapevine Fire Department staff hosted an awareness campaign in hopes to strengthen the GRACE partnership and further inform the staff about the broad scope of services available to families in crisis.

Client Services Manager Marcela Melendez presented to each shift over a period of two days.

After a tragedy such as a home fire occurs and the victims’ immediate needs are met, families often require continued care and long-term solutions that might come in the form of case management, job training or shelter referrals.

marcyPresenting all the services GRACE has to offer assures law enforcement, fire fighters and other first responders that they are relaying the correct information to families who can’t afford the time it takes to sift through red tape.

A simple code violation, for instance, might unearth housing instability that could be managed with financial coaching or utility assistance.

Each family situation is unique, and individualized care has proven to be the most effective, compassionate approach in guiding families toward self-sufficiency.

First responders are offered an after-hours hotline and direct access to GRACE staff in the event that a family needs holistic care.

We offer our utmost support to men and women in uniform, and feel privileged to collaborate with them in a unique way that allows better care for all of us.