It wouldn’t be a party without a “Shon-dunk” tank, BBQ and spirited décor. Last week the GRACE Board and Staff came together to celebrate the new fiscal year and reflect on God’s faithfulness thus far.

GRACE Board President Don Johnston spoke on behalf of the Board and extended a particular thanks to the families of the staff members, who understand their loved ones’ role is more of a calling than a job.

Most importantly, the time was well spent reflecting upon what matters most: being there for families in our neighborhoods and cities in desperate pursuit of hope.

GRACE couldn’t open their doors a single day without the generosity of the community, so we thank you for allowing us to celebrate the new fiscal year strong, vibrant and eager to serve families in need.

Here’s a quick look at GRACE Executive Director Shonda Schaefer in the “Shon-dunk” tank, who willingly took the plunge in the spirit of celebration, as did the entire GRACE Leadership Staff!