AA Vols1

One crew of American Airlines staff members take a well-deserved break at GRACE Donation Station.

The treacherous heat and humidity only boosted the enthusiasm of a group of American Airlines staff members who volunteered at GRACE Donation Station and GRACEful Buys this week.

Providing the highest level of service has always been a hallmark of the American Airlines culture, and their community volunteer service is no exception.

Over forty staff members from the Revenue Management department gave their Wednesday afternoon to GRACE, along with employees from their partner airlines British Airways and Iberia.

Donors at Donation Station and customers at GRACEful Buys were greeted by the dedicated volunteers in the teal blue t-shirts with the wording “Let Good Take Flight,” the motto of American Airlines’ community service program.

“We are truly blessed to have the generosity of American Airlines and their fantastic staff,” said GRACE Chief Executive Officer Shonda Schaefer. American Airlines is a strong supporter of the GRACE Gala, and other projects throughout the year.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of GRACE. Annually, more than 55,000 volunteers hours are served at all GRACE sites. For more information about volunteering contact Sarah Armand at 817-305-4655.