There’s one very striking account in the Bible when Elijah is in his time of need, and petitions a response from God. He’s instructed to stand on a mountaintop to await God’s presence.

No doubt Elijah anticipated something worthy of an action-movie, and sure enough a wind came with such force that it struck rocks to pieces, but God’s presence was not there. Soon after, the earth trembled under his feet, and fire struck. Still, God’s voice was in none of them.

Only in a “still, gentle whisper” was God’s voice carried in a breeze.

Not only is this account telling of our grand expectations, we catch a glimpse of the kind of God we serve and how He oversees causes he cares about.

This week GRACE Staff welcomed two key leaders: Board Member Mark Moyer and retired Resale Director Debbie Haley to join our monthly staff meeting. A theme carried how throughout the years, God provided even in the smallest ways to remind us He is at work.

Debbie shared how hours after praying for protein-packed peanut butter to supplement the Food Pantry, an unknowing donor arrived to GRACE with a truckload of JIFF.

Mark recalled a summer when the heat was unbearable at Donation Station, and just when they weren’t sure how to remedy it, a donor asked if they had use for a large carport that still shades staff and volunteers to this day.

In keeping with God’s provision in things great and small, we praise God and celebrate all that He has done for families by providing daily encouragement.

Here are some of the finer points happening at GRACE that keep us grateful:

New Transitional Housing clients are actively responding to increased engagement to build trust and unity. Clients were especially touched during a recent screening of War Room, and discussed setting aside time for prayer. A new client from West Africa was delighted to receive some of her favorite local foods from a nearby African grocery store from the GRACE staff.

A Transitional Housing graduate who is the picture of what it means to work hard and provide for his family was recently awarded $2,000 from a trust fund. He had struggled with car repairs and had no idea a gift like that was coming.

Client Services Manager Marcy Melendez and Friends & Family Coordinator Maryann Waddell delivered a new mattress after discovering the poor sleeping conditions of a senior client. Her immense gratitude was humbling, and thanks to supporters of GRACE this woman is able to sleep at a comfort she deserves.

Caseworkers met with a grandmother, who after losing her job as a Social Worker, found herself with sole custody of her three grandchildren. Since collaborating with GRACE she has been able to pay her debts, find new employment and keep her home during a critical time. Client Services engaged with 311 family members just in the month of April.

The Clinic was excited to welcome a new Physical Therapist who was inspired to give back after volunteering with his family as a teenager, a positive experience he always carried with him.

A resale customer who set out to purchase all her belongings that were recently lost everything in a fire was able to get connected with GRACE services she wouldn’t have otherwise known existed.

Just when the inventory is getting low at the Food Pantry, generous groups like the Grapevine High School show up at the loading dock with just what is needed.

These are just some of the small victories that happen on a daily basis at GRACE. May we continue to have an ear for the small, still voice encouraging us to press onward.