Social media is perhaps the fastest, most effective way we can brag on our GRACE family (that’s you!) and expand our reach to the community.

Our Facebook and Twitter pages relay the latest inspirational stories, photos, and real-time needs within each GRACE program. Be sure to tag your collection drives and special events with #GRACEGrapevine!

It’s our earnest desire that our community take personal ownership of what we’ve achieved together as an agency; after all—we couldn’t serve families without you!

When GRACE was established nearly thirty years ago before “buzzwords” were “trending”, it was the heart of GRACE to provide centralized care to families in distress. Now with an even bigger platform to honor that mission, the more engaged we are with our community, the greater our impact toward those in need.

If you are reading our blog or received our GRACE E-News, chances are you’re pretty savvy when it comes to all things social media. Accept the challenge to pass GRACE along to your friends and family. Encourage others to stay engaged with the things happening at GRACE.

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