GRACE is proud to partner with Gateway Church for Feed Our Kids! Congregants from various campuses in different cities gathered at the Outreach Center, GRACE’s most populated Feed Our Kids site, to show God’s love in the way of hot dogs, pizza and hamburgers.

Everyone likes a good hot dog now and again, but these weren’t your run-of-the-mill lunches. Gateway went all out and served gourmet-style hot dogs that spanned a foot long, complete with fresh-baked artisan buns from Fuddruckers. Other meals included New York Style pizza and prime beef patty burgers on scratch-made sesame buns.

Amazing, still, is that the team managed to serve over 1,000 of these meals this week! The Outreach Center has reached record-breaking needs, serving as many as 300 meals in one day.

Kam Hunt, a Local Outreach Pastor at Gateway Church, managed logistics with food, supplies, volunteers and (of course) the lunch music playlist. Hunt talked on behalf of the group about the rewarding experience to invest in children who need encouragement. Hunt encouraged the kids to take pride in their neighborhood by picking up litter on site and tending to their stations.

Thanks to Gateway Church members who braved the heat to display God’s love to His children!

An extended thanks to NCL Colleyville, NCL Southlake, First United Methodist Church Grapevine, Kathy Hy’s team and Altrusa who donated their time and resources this week for Feed Our Kids!

Gateway Church has given nearly $200,000 in program funding since 2003, and has donated over 450 hours in the past six years.

One Gateway group in particular has faithfully served at the Food Pantry at least once a month throughout the year. Elyse McNabb and her bible study group sort through hundreds of canned goods, boxed goods and palettes of donations from fellow community members.