Dominique pictured with her daughter, Mariah, and GRACE Transitional Housing Manager, Jamé Scott


Dominique Johnson is unflappable.  She is resilient.  She is determined.  A 32 year-old single mother of one child, twelve-year-old Mariah, who hails from Louisianna, Dominique is a dedicated participant of our GRACE Transitional Housing Program.  In the relatively short time we have know her, she continues to reach outstanding achievements, wow us and make our hearts beam with hope.

Within our TH program, Dominique is receiving the support to achieve many goals including:  Inventory Control Technician, Production Process Technician and Logistics Distribution Certifications and a Logistics Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Technology Associate in Applied Science degree from Cedar Valley College in Lancaster.  She was recently accepted into the Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Engineering undergraduate programs at the University Of North Texas in Denton.

In 2018 and 2019, Dominique was chosen as the Kathee Livengood Memorial scholarship recipient as she worked towards her degree.  She also received the Excellence Award, being named the Best Student in her field within the Logistics Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Technology Certificate.  Thanks to the support of the community and Kathee Livengood’s legacy, Dominique is on track to reach her ultimate goal of providing others with the same support that she has received during her times of need.

Thanks to the KL Scholarship and the excellent committee, I can finally see my dreams becoming a reality.  Words could never express how appreciative I am to receive the necessary funding to further my education; which in return will better my future.  I’m a single mom but now I have the necessary skills to provide efficiently for my daughter.  Again, thank you and whenever you see me on a local billboard, business flyer or news broadcasting remember you opened the window of opportunity.  Thank you!

The graduate proudly walked the stage with several certifications and her degree just shy of a 3.8 GPA.  As of April 2019, she is an employee of American Standard Brand in the DFW area.  Outside of Cedar Valley College, she also received freight brokerage and dispatch certifications.  Dominique is a member of the Women in Transportation Southern Committee as well as a Member of Wings of Dallas – Women offering Women Support.  Her future plans are to obtain a Commercial Driver Licenses (CDL) permit this summer, complete a trucking company preparation course mid-August and continue her education this coming fall semester at UNT in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

This unstoppable woman’s ultimate goal is to open the doors of “The Art of Transportation Academy,” offering CDL, freight brokerage, dispatch, hot spot and entrepreneur owner/operator courses with the option of employment upon completion with “The Art of Transportation Trucking LLC.”  Two companies, one goal –  to help as many people as possible.  Her focus and life’s passion is to improve poverty through the way of Logistics, one truck at a time!  GRACE is so incredibly proud of Dominique and her continual accomplishments.  We look in anticipation to watching her story unfold as we have no doubt that she is bound and determined to make a profoundly positive impact not only in her and her daughter’s, but the lives of many.  Congratulations, Dominique!