The following is an editorial series written from the vantage point of the Front Desk Receptionist, Vicki Yarnell.

Summertime brings parents with children in tow, all welcomed by a friendly smile and eager volunteers.

The front lobby has a video player to entertain the lively kiddos, although it seems like the parents are just as pleased with the selection of cartoons and family classics.

Kids can choose from a basket of books and even take one home if they’d like.

While it is a bustling time, a change in the air reminds us that summer is disappearing. Families leave with school supplies, and we don’t know what’s bursting more: the backpacks full of supplies, or the spirits on the children’s faces from getting something to call their own.

Groups from many organizations are pitching in for last-minute Back to School needs. Fall clothing was prepared for the Back to School Fair, where nearly 1,000 children received school clothes and shoes.

Everywhere you look at GRACE, volunteers can be seen doing their part to ensure every family in need is cared for.

Volunteers are an influential force at GRACE. When there are new folders that need names on them before they can be filed, a volunteer does that. Our vast resource database needs updating, and there is a volunteer for that.

The telephone can ring at least 50 or 60 times a day. The front desk is where questions are answered for every facet of our services, and many volunteers know the solutions by heart.

Volunteers are there to answer the call while clients are getting checked in to be seen. A busy day can have various files pulled off our shelves and they all have to be re-shelved and ready for the next day– and yes, the volunteers help with that too.

So what happens when the volunteers all go on vacation? Well, all I can say is: I’ll be awfully glad when they get back!

Every call, note, copy or hug for someone in need is possible because of our great volunteers.

Summer, winter, spring, and fall: we are honored to serve alongside you each and every day.

About Vicki

In addition to her service at GRACE, Vicki and her husband, Jack, spent over two decades showing God’s love at an orphanage in Mexico City, where they adopted 40 (yes 4-0) children. They are the proud grandparents of 94 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. The Yarnells still support the mission work and are heavily involved at Compass Christian Church. 

If you’re compelled to serve at GRACE at the front desk, we’d love to have you. Come to one of our volunteer orientations and learn how you can get involved, or contact Volunteer Manager, Lara Hohweiler.