Meet the bright blue truck that “breaks for food.” GRACE partnered with First Presbyterian Church in Grapevine and NorthPark Presbyterian Church to reverse hunger in the Northeastern Tarrant County one parking lot at a time.

Rather than serve food, this food truck accepts donations from the community on behalf of those in need and gives to the local food pantry. You might see the food truck frequent festivals, events and grocery store parking lots between here and Dallas with plenty of room to accept non-perishable food donations.

Last week members of First Presbyterian parked near the Southlake Kroger from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and amassed an impressive load of donations from the community—about 19 barrels and just over 1,000 pounds full of food to the GRACE Food Pantry!

Donations went beyond canned goods to other staples like diapers, hygiene items and cleaning products. The truck also offered a “virtual food menu” with several online gifting options to support the Food Pantry.

This food drive would not have been possible without the smiling faces and willing hands of those who braved the summer heat to represent families in our community.

At the moment the GRACE Food Pantry is out of cooking oil. For a complete list of needs at the food pantry, visit our needs list here.