This week GRACE hosted a special ceremony to acknowledge the Albertsons’ fierce dedication to meet the needs of those at-risk for hunger. The Colleyville Albertsons received the GRACE Outstanding Community Partner Award for going far and above the call to provide meals to families on a local level.

Since 2013, the store has given over 55,000 pounds of food through the GRACE Food Pantry, which serves over 7,660 at-risk family members on average each year. 2016 is projected to be an unprecedented year of giving through their Souper Bowl of Caring, going on now through Super Bowl Sunday. The campaign offers pre-filled bags of food to purchase on behalf of families in need at GRACE.

According to the Tarrant Area Food Bank, which helps to facilitate the Souper Bowl of Caring program, the local store has given enough food to provide over 32,000 meals since the campaign began.

“It’s exceptionally rare to find the type of dedication this store location has for its neighborhood and surrounding community,” said GRACE Executive Director Shonda Schaefer of the Albertsons Colleyville management team, “the decision to choose a local benefactor when most corporations opt for a national charity is an amazing testament to [the store’s] local philosophy when it comes to serving the very community from which you live and work.”

We weren’t surprised to find out that the Colleyville Albertsons ranks No 1 in local partnerships all across the nation. The store partners with GRACE to provide food to the Pantry on a weekly basis in addition the Souper Bowl of Caring campaign.

We applaud Jeff Sparks and his team for upholding an ethical business model that impacts the very families surrounding its store. Congratulations, Albertsons!