At First Colleyville, they are passionate about leading every generation to know and follow Jesus both locally and globally. Through their direct efforts and partnerships with organizations like GRACE, First Colleyville is accomplishing their goal of sharing the love of Christ to thousands around the globe.

Their mission:  To lead every generation to know and follow Jesus.

Their code:  We eat, sleep, and breathe God’s Word. We are bold about the Gospel.  We is better than me. We don’t maintain, We multiply. We stand knee deep in Faith. We empower the next generation.

Community engagement is the modus operandi of First Colleyville, and they have been on a crusade to empower adults, students, and children of their congregation, as well as outside organizations, by providing funding to fuel their potential for impact.

Image may contain: one or more people, crowd and indoorGRACE recently submitted a proposal to engage First Colleyville as a partner in our faith-based mission, to support the crucial programs GRACE provides, and to develop and produce a series of seven videos illuminating the need in our community. The goal of this project is to boost the knowledge of the need within our community by expanding outreach through videos, presentations, and First Colleyville support.

The most pressing needs we encounter on a daily basis at GRACE are hunger, homelessness, lack of adequate clothing and healthcare, desperate needs for children’s programs and care for isolated seniors. In neighborhoods of great affluence, it is difficult to imagine that there could be any need—any poverty. And yet, people come through our doors at GRACE and courageously admit they are unable to feed their family, keep a roof over their heads or access medical care.

Few missions touch as many lives in as many different ways as GRACE- nearly 5,000 people come to GRACE each year and are greeted with esteem, respect for their difficulties, and hope. From assistance for rent and utilities, to clothing, food, health care and housing, GRACE provides a continuity of care and gives families a chance to break the cycle of need they have suffered for years, perhaps for generations. In fact, GRACE has assisted more than 130,000 people since her founding in 1987.

After mindful deliberation on the importance and likelihood of success and sustainability of numerous proposed projects and programs, and prayerful consideration of their use of the church’s Community Partner funds, First Colleyville confidently chose to grant considerable funding and partner with GRACE in mission and service through active engagement.

The GRACE staff and clients will attend services to thank and inspire the congregation at First Colleyville at least four times throughout 2019. GRACE will show the funded videos, and facilitate a conversation on the topic of the video and answer any questions the congregation may have. We will take these opportunities to mention upcoming GRACE activities, and volunteer opportunities.

Throughout the year, the Life Stage groups of First Colleyville will be encouraged to host drives for GRACE programs. The GRACE volunteer manager will advise and create programs around the drives. GRACE will work specifically with First Colleyville staff to schedule meaningful volunteer placements, arrange individual and group volunteering opportunities, and train and guide all First Colleyville volunteers.


Suzie McMahon (far left), Director of Guest Services for First Colleyville, and Josh McCasland (far right), Pastor of Community Engagement for First Colleyville, present a grant of $45,000 to GRACE CEO Shonda Schaefer.

Both parties are eager to begin this undertaking, and excited to witness how God will use the directing of these funds, people and effort involved. We are so humbly grateful to First Colleyville for this generous gift and their passionate commitment to love and serve their community and world. Stay tuned to watch the phases and impact of the project unfold!

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