Dear Friends of GRACE,

A deep sense of loss leads me to write you today. Fire nearly destroyed our Community Clinic and Food Pantry last night.

My heart aches. Not so much for the loss of our facility or supplies, but for our clients who rely on GRACE for their medical care and food for their families. I am equally disappointed when I consider all of the donors and volunteers who have made the facility possible over the past 13 years.

Believe me, we are scrambling right now to establish temporary facilities so our Clinic can go on. Neighbors will be coming for their treatment and medications. Little, if any, of their medications can be salvaged. Nearly all of the expensive medical equipment and supplies will have to be replaced.

We are sifting through our food inventory to see what can be kept. We are hoping the canned goods are usable. Health inspectors are coming to let us know exactly what we can keep and what needs to be discarded.

The cleanup and restoration will be so heartbreaking. Nearly everything that was lost was a gift presented to GRACE from individuals, businesses, churches, and others in our community who share in our mission to help those in need. Every shovelful of soot and ash tossed into a dumpster will remind me of the duty that GRACE has to be a steward of those blessings and resources that you have chosen to bestow upon this community, and the duty that we have as an organization.

Although we don’t know the extent of the financial impact on GRACE, your support is needed now, more than ever. Please consider clicking Give Now and make a contribution to help us overcome this disaster.

Volunteers are needed at the Food Pantry on Friday, April 13, to assist with fire clean up. Please sign up for a shift here. If the signup is full, please wait for other opportunities. There will be other volunteer needs as we assess the situation at hand. We will continue to post volunteer opportunities.

Your prayers will also give great comfort and support. Prayers first of gratitude, for the fact that no staff members, volunteers or patients were injured. Second, for wisdom and resources to rebuild this important mission. And third, for our Community Clinic patients who depend on medical care that we provide, and whose critical treatment is now in jeopardy.

You will be hearing and reading about our needs going forward from today. Please follow our social media feeds and website for updates.

As always, I am available to answer any questions or provide any updates. Please feel free to email me at

Thank you in advance for all you do!

In His name,

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Shonda Schaefer, Executive Director