The heart behind Feed Our Kids is to ensure each child has a lunch time while school is not in session. The sad reality is that many parents are either unable to take time off during this week with stringent hourly shifts, or a recent emergency has forced them to make difficult decisions between necessities.

Feed Our Kids alleviates that burden to ensure that each child in the surrounding area receives a nutritious meal while they are not in school. The program is typically in during the summer months, but last year GRACE piloted Feed Our Kids during Spring Break with great success.

This year we hope to provide hundreds of meals to children on site for neighborhood surrounding GRACE Main and the Food Pantry, but we need your help!

Five group slots are still available for the Ticknor Terrace property, near the Food Pantry. If you are part of a church or civic group, we would love to partner with you. For those not able to physically man the area and pass out food, meal sponsorships are greatly appreciated. For details contact Seasonal Programs Coordinator Lori Stevens to get started!