Volunteers are needed to help Feed Our Kids

Children and parents are looking forward to Spring Break, now just a couple of weeks away, March 12-16. Travel plans, destination resorts, theme parks—all are part of the mix of conversations around dinner tables these days.

GRACE’s plans are centering on providing lunches for the children who would normally eat on the school’s free and reduced lunch program. Feed Our Kids Spring Break is now a seasonal event after its success the last three years.

Feed Our Kids has been a traditional summertime experience for our many volunteers and donors. It will be again this summer, but anytime school is out of session, children whose families rely on free or reduced lunches are at greater risk for food insecurity.

Also, parents of at-risk children often work long shifts, sometimes two jobs, to make ends meet. Lunch may be the only true meal their children get all day long.

Serving these hungry children through Feed Our Kids is a tangible, hands-on way to help those less fortunate. Two sites are being planned at this time. Each site will serve about 50 children every day of Spring Break.

Many groups opt to incorporate fun activities for the children as well, though not required. It’s good to know, though, that you can bring some fun into the lives of some children who may not be looking forward to Spring Break.

To volunteer over Spring Break or reserve summer shifts, contact Seasonal Programs Coordinator Lori Stevens, 817-992-4690, or email