If you live in the Metroplex you have probably spotted a Berkeys Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Electrical truck in your neighborhood, if they haven’t already paid a visit to your home for AC, plumbing or electrical work.

What many may not know is there behind-the-scenes achievements at GRACE to support a community they love. Not only has Berkeys been an steadfast GRACE Gala sponsor, the team at Berkeys have made a personal investment in the Christmas Cottage program, which provides new toys to over 2,700 family members each holiday season.

After volunteering with the program, the team was so moved by the experience that they were compelled to utilize their mobility to give even more. Berkeys President Jamie Wooldridge explains, “With our fleet of 40 trucks on the road each and every day throughout the Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex, we thought that reaching our vast customer base through a toy drive was just a natural fit. We are excited to increase our partnership with GRACE and are thankful to have the opportunity to help others out in a more meaningful way.”

The local service calls also became a pick-up service, allowing customers to donate toys on behalf of GRACE. Over 200 new toys have been collected as a result from the drive.

Berkeys also offers a substantial discount to meet the needs of the GRACE facilities, and are eager to pursue special projects that facilitate the broader mission.

“Berkeys supports various charities throughout the year,” said Wooldridge, “but one which is near and dear to our hearts is GRACE. We hope [our support] might inspire other organizations and members of our community to get involved by volunteering and donating their time, talent and money. Everyone working together to help those in need is what makes our city one of the best in the United States and the world.”

We are genuinely grateful for the steadfast support of Berkeys Plumbing & HVAC, and are honored to host them as our Platinum Plus Sponsor for the GRACE Gala.

Berkeys is a full service residential contractor serving the great Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The award-winning company is heralded for their unparalleled customer service and industry knowledge. To learn more about Berkeys Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Electrical, visit Berkeys.com.