“Faces of GRACE” is an editorial series that highlights instrumental volunteers who offer their talents and resources to support families in need.

Parag Sanghvi has nearly completed his 11-week internship as a Client Services intern at GRACE.

Parag comes to GRACE with an broad background in the business and nonprofit sector. Parag received his Bachelors of Arts in Economics from Stanford University, holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, and is completing his second Master’s Degree in Social Work.

His nonprofit experience and marketing expertise is too extensive to list, with his greatest tenure as the Director of Marketing and Brand Communications with Sabre.

When asked about his greatest takeaway, Parag relayed that the two most rewarding aspects of the internship were witnessing the character and quality of the staff and clients.He was humbled by the sincerity of the Client Services staff and how those in the midst of crisis were able to overcome obstacles.

One story that impressed upon Parag in particular was a single mother of three on the brink of homelessness. With three young children she knew the stakes were high, and with holistic support from the FAITH program, this client was able to find employment and get back on her feet.

He was stuck by this woman’s motivation and intelligence, which underscored the importance of case management in empowering the downtrodden, who can easily lose sight of their value in society.

Parag also mentioned how impressed he has been with the professionalism at GRACE. He noted what makes GRACE services distinctive is the “hand up” aspect to guide families toward self-sufficiency.

“Over my career I have worked with a range of organizations, from Fortune 500 corporations to start-ups to other nonprofits, and I have not met a better group of dedicated servants who really do keep the mission and clients’ interest at the forefront of all they do,” says Parag, “It has been a wonderful summer getting to know such capable and intelligent people.  I am sure that even though my internship is coming to an end, my association with the organization and staff will continue for many years to come.”

We could only be so blessed. Thanks, Parag for all that you have done to represent the best of GRACE!