Dear Friends of GRACE,

The “24 Hours of GRACE” campaign is next week, and I am reminded of the incredible gifts that come to GRACE through your generosity. We truly see ourselves as the channel through which our community helps those in need.

GRACE was founded to be the one source where those could go who had fallen on hard times. Your contributions and volunteer hours ensure we can help all of the 5,000 people who will come to GRACE this year.

While our “24 Hours of GRACE” focuses one just one day, many donors opt to start monthly gifts—a gift of $10, $15 or $25 every month—and extend those “24 Hours” to 365 days.

You can set up monthly gifts just by checking the “yes” box beside “I would like my donation to recur”. This is a great way to support GRACE, and it provides sustaining funds that help us plan and serve better.

Just like a payroll deduction, small recurring gifts are easy on your family’s budget but over time make a huge difference in the lives of those in need.

The theme of this year’s “24 Hours of GRACE” is “make it go viral”. It would be wonderful to see groups of friends promise one another to give just $10 or more every month to help us help others.

Your gifts will support the Community Clinic, Food Pantry, Clothing Room, Housing, Emergency Assistance, and all of the programs and services needed by those who come to GRACE for help.

We will celebrate all those who give next Tuesday. When “24 Hours of GRACE” arrives, please go online and make a gift, and if you can, please make it a monthly gift.

In His name,

Shonda Schaefer

Executive Director