Since Pegasus Logistics made a visit to tour GRACE facilities last month, the Coppell team wasted no time employing their resources to meet real-time needs.

When we learned we had to move an overwhelming pile of merchandise and storage materials to a new facility, Pegasus offered help without hesitation. The team provided bulk packing materials to make the transition as easy as possible.

Company staff nominated a Community Service team, which communications needs to the corporate team. For the month of March, Pegasus Logistics Group is collecting new, unopened over-the-counter medications essential to every medicine cabinet, including Tylenol, multi-vitamins, Neosporin, eye drops and a dozen more.

Their donations will supplement the medications the GRACE Community Clinic has on hand to remedy every day ailments, but also small preventative measures, such as taking aspirin. The Community Clinic is home to at least 820 patients each year.

The team is also representing their work as Putter Sponsors for this year’s Drive into the Night, which takes place on Friday, April 21. All proceeds from this event further the GRACE mission and continue children’s seasonal programs, such as Feed Our Kids summer lunch initiative and Christmas Cottage toys for children.

When a company wants to give back in a way that will benefit local families and strengthen the bond they have with one another, GRACE is an ideal fit for volunteer opportunities, collection drives and monetary gifts.

Thanks to Pegasus Logistics for their generosity and servant hearts.