Our inaugural Designer Bags & Bingo was sold out with over 400 people laughing, snacking and daubing their way through one of most fun events we’ve had in years.  And all the money raised supports the incredible Transitional Housing Program with much needed funds.

The competition was hot as ten lucky winners went home with exclusive designer bags! We had out right winners but we also had a couple ties that had to be decided by drawing cards…one draw came down to a dramatic king vs ace pull for the win!

We want to thank Mayor Huffman of Black Door Renovation for their participation as Title Sponsor. Their support made this a truly special day.

Our host sponsor Sam Pack’s Five-Star Subaru of Grapevine made it all possible!! Along with help from our multi-media wizards at Alford Media Services, we were able to turn Five-Star’s state of the art service garage into an ultra-unique event space. Thanks to Tony Hooman and everyone else at Sam Pack’s Five-Star Subaru of Grapevine for helping make Designer Bags & Bingo a unique experience.

Thank you Ted Bilsky and SCRATCH Kitchen for the incredible edible delights and for excellent service from his gracious staff.


Special thanks goes out to Southlake Police Department Officer Brad Uptmore who did an unbelievable job as our emcee and lead bingo caller. He kept the crowd in stitches and really helped to make the event as fun as possible.

Finally we have to thank our DB&B Committee and all the volunteers who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to get this event in motion. Lynda Warner was amazing as our chair and Bingo Diva! THANK YOU.

This magical event raised money for our Transitional Housing program that works with homeless individuals and families to help move them towards independence. Transitional Housing clients participate in intensive case management to assist them in achieving educational, career, and financial goals while living in clean, stable housing. All activities are aimed at self-determination and eventual self-sufficiency. Knowing that we’ve secured funds for this program is a blessing and a relief.

Thank you to everyone that participated or helped make this wonderful event possible.

Get your calendars ready…we will see you at Designer Bags & Bingo April 3, 2022!
Contact events@gracegrapevine.org to confirm your spot.