Durham Intermediate School did it again, only this time with oodles of dungarees—253 pairs to be exact!

GRACE first got to know the students two years ago with the launch of their charity campaign, “Helping others is a ‘Bucket’ of fun”, where the students sold 2,600 paper designs to raise $1,300 for GRACE programs.

To think this same group of young children, some in or approaching 8th grade, have now managed a marketing campaign of this magnitude fills us with pride.

The students oversaw all the marketing logistics and stood with homemade signs outside the drop off area. They also designed posters that were shared throughout the school and broadcast through the school’s radio and TV station.

Denim is an essential commodity in all walks of life. For low-income families or teens experiencing homelessness, jeans are the most requested clothing item. They can be worn multiple times between washes, are durable, versatile and provide a sense of normalcy to the person wearing them.

“We have an unusually large number of adolescent boys who already need teen-sized jeans, says Clothing Room Manager Dina Pesina, “right now we are cleaning and collecting clothing to be prepared for the back-to-school rush in August. Quality jeans are a huge help to us.”

Thanks to these students for this impressive collection!

Current Clothing Room Needs

  • Boys and Girls socks in small and medium
  • Girls underwear sizes 6,8,14