Deanna, like many Transitional Housing clients, never imagined she would ever need the help of GRACE.

“There, but for the GRACE of God go I” is often heard and felt at GRACE. No one can ever anticipate the events and circumstances that could bring on a devastating crisis, as Deanna’s story illustrates.

Originally from New Orleans, Deanna and her family were victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. She fled Louisiana to North Texas in hopes of starting a new life.

Deanna did well for herself and her family. She got on in the bakery of a local grocery store. For twelve years she grew in her job. Promotions and more responsibilities followed. She became the Bakery Manager, and her position with the store seemed as secure as could be.

Then illness struck. A severe health crisis left her out of work for several months. Deanna lost her job. She lost her apartment. She sought help at a homeless shelter, but Deanna was forced to split up her family.

The shelter would take her two youngest sons, but her eldest was too old to be admitted. The boy was made to live with a friend away from his mother and brothers.

Deanna came to GRACE just a few days before last Thanksgiving, and all of her family was under one roof once again.

Since coming into the Transitional Housing program, Deanna has been able to manage her illness, and was just released by her doctor to work full time.

This past week Deanna was hired as the Assistant Bakery Manager for another grocer. The store is only two blocks from her new home. She was also able to get all of her children into school and daycare in the same area.

There may still be some struggles ahead, but Deanna has made enormous advances in her life in a very short time. Her desire to overcome this crisis, and a proven track record of encountering and beating back difficulties, puts the odds squarely in her favor.