Neighbors in the Westlake area gathered around the table to enjoy a unique culinary experience and kitchen essentials for the GRACE Food Pantry. The party’s hosts, Life Publication, Simply Westlake and Celebrity Cruises brought in seasoned Chefs to demonstrate their tasty craft at Expressions Home Gallery in Southlake.

It was important to the hosts to respond to real-time needs at the Food Pantry, even if it meant collecting items not everyone might think to donate (but wouldn’t want to go without), such as condiments, laundry soap, and hygiene items. Providing these oft-overlooked essentials alleviate the burden of expenses for a family in the midst of crisis or struggling with a tight paycheck.

A special thanks to the party hosts, sponsors and guests for their support of the GRACE Food Pantry! If your group is currently hosting a third-party event or you would like to raise funds or goods for GRACE we have many resources available for you!

Check out our Collection Drive Starter Kit and Contact Special Events Coordinator Chelsea Rose to get started.