Any family who wants to immerse their children in a life of serving should take a page from the Kossuth family.

Dr. Michael Kossuth and his six siblings spent their formative adolescent and high school years developing relationships with the community through GRACE since 1999.

What began as simple projects like stuffing envelopes, sorting canned goods or hauling boxes, their family service amassed to an astounding 2,383 collective hours, including 600 hours from Michael Kossuth, now a partner at Restoration Physical Therapy.

Dr. Kossuth has fond memories of volunteer service at GRACE, and the relationships he forged stayed with him through adulthood.


Dr. Michael Kossuth

“The employees and other volunteers at GRACE truly have a heart for people in the community,” said Michael. “There were several GRACE volunteers that were a blessing to my family and influential in developing my passion to serve.”

He recalls Leslie Grieme, who would join them once a week at the Food Pantry and taught them card games and how to start a family garden.

Helen Whitmore was like a grandmother to the kids, who always had a story to share and loved them like grandchildren. Later the children had the opportunity to introduce Helen to their own children.

Ruth Cramer (GRACE Founder Tricia Wood’s mother) taught Michael how to knit, and he recalls how they cheered her on during her recital after taking up piano in her 80’s.

When people come alongside each other with a kindred desire to meet a need, something powerful happens that forges bonds and strengthens families; both to the givers and receivers.

Once Michael achieved his doctorate and established his career as a Physical Therapist, it was only fitting that he returned to the place that first cultivated his passion.

Dr. Kossuth has been shadowing GRACE Community Clinic operations and looks forward to taking patients beginning May 30.

Kyle, Michael, Scott, Jennifer, Katharine, Kelly, Nicholas and parents Beth and Kraig Kossuth are part of the beautiful tapestry of volunteers who make GRACE a special place that embraces families seeking haven from life’s hardships.

We are profoundly blessed to have the most remarkable volunteers, and hope you’ll consider joining the GRACE family by using your gifts to serve.

Ready to get started? Join us for our upcoming Volunteer Orientation dates, or contact Volunteer Manager Lara Hohweiler to discuss opportunities.