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New gardeners show off their handiwork at the Container Gardening seminar.

Grapevine Gardening Club’s Karen Rice spent a rainy Saturday instructing a group of 10 participants on the art of Container Gardening. Although the weather was not very cooperative, it made for a cozy group inside the GRACE Food Pantry, and Ms. Rice sent each participant home with a beautiful garden—and plenty of rain to keep it growing!

Container Gardening is a needed skill for those who live in apartments, or have small yards. Even if space is limited, growing vegetables and herbs in a container takes only a little space but is an easy way to savor the flavor and freshness of produce.

Ms. Rice wanted to make sure that there was a good mixture of plants and seeds so each participant could personalize their garden specific to their needs.

Plants included 5 types of lettuce, kale, oregano, rosemary and onions; and seeds included cilantro, dill, chives, and carrots.  Ms. Rice’s expertise on planting cycles and seasons, care and watering of the gardens was featured during the training.

Much of the planting material, seeds, plants, and pots were donated by the Home Depot in Southlake. Candace Kyler from the Grapevine Gardening Club also attended and assisted with planting.

GRACE has recently joined the Garden Network of Tarrant County, a nonprofit organization that strives to create healthy options for those with food insecurity issues in Tarrant County. The group promotes the implementation of sustainable gardening programs.

By joining other organizations that have or plan to have community gardens, GRACE strengthens its focus on making fresh produce accessible to all families in the community.

“Our hope is that individuals will realize their ability to garden by starting small and may eventually want to adopt a garden plot at the GRACE Community Gardens,” said Stacy Pacholick, GRACE Director of Programs.

For more information contact Stacy at 817-305-4636, or email