The GRACE Board of Directors has awarded GRACE’s Chief Development Officer Mark Woolverton with the 2020 GRACE President’s Award. Given at the end of the fiscal year to the staff member that the Board President has chosen as showing exemplary work over the last year. 

Normally presented at the August Board meeting, the occasion was celebrated virtually with some in person help from our Director of Administration, Melissa Simpkins, “I was able to meet up with Mark’s wife before the meeting and give her the award to surprise him as his name was being mentioned.”

With contributions almost too numerous to list, Mark’s work and leadership made it clear why he was this year’s recipient.

“Mark, finished, ahead of time, Rooted in GRACE Phase I fundraising. Our grants have never been stronger than they have the last 2 years, in fact all development revenues are better than ever,” said Paul Bischler, GRACE’s Immediate Past President of the Board. “He’s kept the ball rolling with Rooted in GRACE Phase II marketing prep, fundraising, and donor relations. No one is more deserving of this award than Mark.”

GRACE CEO Shonda Schaefer was glad to see the longtime GRACE family member win the honor.

“Mark and I have worked together now for 10 years on the Development and Fundraising efforts that support the GRACE Mission,” says Schaefer. “His constant focus on stewardship and integrity is pivotal to his success. He has worked hard to keep revenue at a level where COVID related needs can be met. I am thrilled that Board President Paul Bischler selected him as the 2020 President Award winner.”

Recently, when our Development Staff was shorthanded, Mark jumped in to make sure all functions, including this Newsletter were handled – without a ton of notice and of course, without complaint. 

Always willing to step in, Mark makes sure that all tasks are completed and that anyone who needs help receives it…he truly embodies the spirit of GRACE.

Congratulations to Mark!