Not only did the members of Compass Christian Church respond to a local senior’s need, they carried a simple project beyond anything the grateful homeowner could have expected.

The original project was to repaint the trim of the senior’s home, but when the families saw the additional work that needed to be done, they were compelled to take action.

The families replaced a portion of the fence, removed dry rot and repaired a cedar beam inside the senior’s home.

The homeowner also had cumbersome overgrowth in her lawn, as well as hazardous poison ivy that she had been physically unable to tackle.

According to Compass Church member Melissa Zihlman, it became important to make the space more than livable; they wanted it to be a home the senior could take pride in.

“It was a two month project, but knowing that our neighbor benefited from our work was worth it,” said Melissa.

When groups or families serve by repairing a senior’s home, welcoming a Transitional Housing client or delivering groceries, something personal takes place that blesses the giver in expected ways.

“We are just glad she felt loved,” said Melissa. And that’s what GRACE is all about.

Want to serve our senior population? Friends & Family senior assistance allows us to build relationships with seniors while providing for their physical and emotional needs. Contact Maryann Waddell for service opportunities.