When members of the Compass Church family were charged with the annual Thanksgiving shopping list that would provide food for their neighbors struggling over the holidays, they went above the call and tripled expectations.

The congregation collected 15,000 pounds of Thanksgiving turkeys and holiday trimmings needed to complete a warm holiday meal with loved ones. Sharing their blessings has allowed hundreds of families to gather around a table and thank the Lord for providing extra blessings this season.

Compass Church has been a strong ally since 1995, and has devoted just over $240,000 to further GRACE programs.

While we thought it was hard to outdo the love they have shown to families these many years, the congregation has gone above and beyond in generosity and service for local families.

This defining season at Compass spurred discipleship groups organically into action at GRACE, including providing for families who face particular hardship this time of year.

For the families and individuals who made it a priority to stand in the gap for families who might have otherwise had a sparse holiday, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.