The GRACE family literally bridged the gap for one senior couple in the community. Each month faithful Friends & Family volunteers deliver commodities to displaced and isolated seniors in our neighborhoods.

Not only do these volunteers ensure each senior’s physical needs are met, a relationship naturally develops as a trusted advocate and friend.

Of the two seniors living in the mobile home, one was physically handicapped. The volunteers noticed the entry to the home was unstable at best, and there was cause for concern for the safety of these clients.

Friends & Family Coordinator Maryanne Waddell researched to find a solution for the elderly couple to ensure the daily hazard was repaired by construction professionals.

She enlisted the help of friend and GRACE supporter Shawn Goff, owner of Graham Hart Home Builders.  Goff reached out to his contacts and personally donated the materials and labor for the eight-hour project.

Not only does this couple have a functional, proper ramp to go into their home, members of this community had the opportunity to recognize a need and step up to make a safe place for our senior friends.

What a remarkable community we are a part of!