When we asked the community to help us provide supplies to at-risk children, we were overwhelmed by backpacks filled with school supplies!

TriNet Lessens Load


TriNet, a Human Resources Benefits company, have made it their annual mission to ensure our backpack inventory lightens the load for every family in need each school year.

This year the company filled 125 new backpacks with supplies for high school and elementary students.

Indian Princesses

The Indian Princess Ojibway Tribe of Southlake of the Yo-He-Way Nation collaborated their hard work with a reprise of ice cream. The club hosted a collection site at Braums, and supplemented our Back to School drive for families in need.

Indian Princess enables daughters to spend quality time with their dads through social events, such as the Sweetheart Dance, annual Christmas Party, sporting events, Pinewood Derby, Fishing Hole Day and benevolence projects.

Janning Foundation furthers GRACE programs


Our hearts our filled by the generosity the Janning family. The Janning Family Foundation was established to foster planned giving from generation to generation.

Grantors Elizabeth and Jason Jennings explained that Jason’s father established the fund so that his children and grandchildren can embark on a journey to give to local causes that matter most to them.

This year GRACE was awarded $15,000 to fund GRACE programs for local families.

Tate Family Dentistry launches “Socks n’ Skivvies” campaign

We can’t stop smiling at the impressive donation collected by the staff and patients of Tate  Family Dentistry.

The local business encouraged support through their active social media channel and reminded patients to bring donations before their appointment.

To those who participated in collection drives, assembled bags and volunteered hours at the Back to School Fair, your investment is appreciated. You have alleviated the burden for so many families and given a fresh start to hundreds of children.

Did you know

Studies reveal that the cost for school supplies and activities for students has risen up to 85% over the past ten years. A modest estimate for each elementary age child is $100 in supply expenses and up to $1,000 for a high school student when you weigh in supplies, gym clothes, field trip fees, musical instruments and other costs throughout the year.