Can you relate to a time when you were struggling physically, emotionally or financially and a friend rises to the occasion to let you know they’ve got something covered? Meals for the week? Done. Dropping off the kids at sports practice? We got you.

It’s rarely the task or item itself more than knowing someone is there to alleviate the weight of one more burden you’re convinced you don’t have the wherewithal to carry.

The motto at the GRACE Clothing Room is, “Clothing the Body, Lifting the Spirit.”

There’s a sense of hospitality at the Clothing Room and gentle reassurance that GRACE is here for families struggling to make ends meet for their children.

That’s why we are indebted to companies like BELK, who provided 650 family members with new socks as part of their Grand Opening celebration last week.

To a child in need, a pair of Superman socks might rival the excitement some children get with a new pair of Nikes, and being able to tell a family that we have those essentials covered is a blessing we don’t take lightly at GRACE, and neither do the families we serve.

Thanks to BELK and other donors who provide us with the tools we need to make families feel loved and cared for!