GRACE has long responded to those in need by providing emergency relief to lessen the risk of poverty. Providing short-term relief is only part of what we do, and we understand that guidance toward self-sufficiency is the best way to serve families and individuals long-term.

Families And Individuals Towards Hope (FAITH) is a GRACE service model that navigates families toward a promising path of stability through measurable steps and regular accountability.

Those enrolled in FAITH collaborate with their advocate for a minimum of 90-days. Each intensive plan is carefully monitored and requires weekly accountability and ample oversight. Small, reasonable steps are set in place to accomplish major goals, such as finding employment, paying off debt or financing medical bills.

FAITH’s Impact

One example of meeting feasible needs is from Dylan, a single male who went through FAITH after a swift decline in his health cost him the only line of work he had ever known. Since his jobs were normally labor intensive, Dylan had to regroup and think of ways to stay in his industry that didn’t require overexertion. Dylan worked with an employment coach through GRACE and took advantage of free training to receive his forklift operation certification to increase his earning potential.

Meg is a single mother of three who works long hours to support her family. Meg only lacked a few college credits to complete her undergraduate degree, but she didn’t see how she could possibly keep things afloat and conquer her last year of college.  The GRACE caseworkers were able to find a scholarship program to satisfy her credits, and she was able to finish her last semester at university knowing her Bachelor’s degree meant a brighter future for her and her children!

Nadine, David and their children were a family of four. After a sudden job loss and recent move to the area, the family had no support system and felt hopeless. Nadine quickly found a job, but the time between then and her first paycheck wouldn’t be enough to cover rent. In this case, the short-term support and collaboration was enough for them to find gainful employment and provide for their family without the downward spiral of outstanding credit card debt or unpaid utility bills.

We wouldn’t be able to focus on individualized care without the care and support of this great community. On behalf of those who have come through the FAITH program and those yet to come, thank you for helping them overcome hardships by believing in our clients!

Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.

-Booker T. Washington