Nearly 200 Easter baskets of all colors, shapes and sizes were purchased or assembled from members of Good Shepherd Catholic Church and White’s Chapel United Methodist Church for local children.

White’s Chapel crafted homemade Easter baskets for the adults and children of the Transitional Housing program to enjoy and feel loved.  Good Shepherd has donated baskets each year for families who come through our Client Services area, and we are happy to announce that each and every Easter basket is spoken for just in time for the big Sunday.

GRACE would not be able to operate without the support of local church congregations with a kindred desire to share God’s love with those in need. We are tremendously blessed to have the family at Good Shepherd Catholic Community and White’s Chapel United Methodist Church who are wholly invested extending grace to others.

Looking to get involved?

If you are part of a church congregation in the area, we encourage you to see how your congregation or small group can get involved through volunteering or hosting a drive. Start by contacting your administration offices to see if there are any ongoing projects, or suggest a collection drive on behalf of your congregants. For collection drive ideas and resources, contact Chelsea Rose.