Christmas Cottage is one of our favorite events each year…it’s a very pure endeavor…helping families have a better Christmas. Whether it’s a Mom who just wants her kids to have a good Christmas, to the discerning 4 year old who needs this year’s “It” toy, the GRACE Family comes together to make sure that everyone has something nice to open Christmas morning. It’s a great event but we are expecting a very busy year at the Cottage and we need your help. I was speaking with some of loyal volunteers who work on this project and they are ready for the increase in traffic but they need extra help…not only with volunteer hours but with items as well. Santa has his elves and GRACE has Christmas Cottage volunteers and we need you to clock in! Take a look at the opportunities we have available to donate either goods or your time and lets end 2020 with our most successful Christmas Cottage ever!

Here how you can help:

You or your group can help out at the Christmas Cottage. Shifts next week! Please sign up today by contacting the Volunteer Coordinator at or call 817-690-4136.

Donate Toys
The Cottage needs list can be found on the GRACE website by clicking HERE. If you would like to host a toy drive or event benefitting this program, please contact or call 817-305-4672.

Make a Gift
You can make a financial gift for the Christmas Cottage by visiting our donation page HERE. GRACE maintains strong relationships with area retailers to multiply the value of your gift.

Last, but never least: Pray

Please continue to pray for those families who are struggling this holiday season as well for the volunteers, staff, and supporters as they work to meet the need!

For more information please contact or call 817-305-4653.