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Shonda Schaefer, GRACE Chief Executive Officer

Dear Friends,

Here at GRACE, like everywhere, we are working to ease the grip of COVID-19. The tragic sickness is horrible enough, but for us the tragedy extends to the impact it has on our clients.

Threat of infection is one thing, but many of our clients are also suffering from the many closings and cancellations in our area.

Most of our clients are employed. These folks work in the service industry at the hotels and large corporations. They are the concessionaires at the airport, clerks at the mall, mom-and-pop shopkeepers, and many others.

Conventions are being cancelled. High-traffic areas at the airport are being restricted. Shopping and dining at the mall and in the city are dropping off. There are dozens of other actions impacting our clients as they struggle to make better lives for themselves and their families.

These are very uncertain times. But there is no time like the present to combat the misery of COVID-19. Here’s how:


  1. Help us get out ahead of the coronavirus outbreak by making a tax deductible donation now.
  2. Inspire others to join you. Share this email or share our Facebook post with a personal note about helping out in this disaster. I think you’ll find others are anxious just like you to do something to help. Those new to GRACE can sign up automatically to receive GRACE e-news
  3. Post this video on your social media: GRACE COVID-19 Emergency Needs
  4. Pray for our clients, their families, and others who are struggling with disease, or the financial impact the illness is causing. And pray for each other, and an end to the suffering and fear.

Daycare is the leading crisis today. In normal times, GRACE helps with rent and utilities, food, medical care, clothing, and other essentials should a crisis occur. The very high cost of daycare is draining meager budgets.

School is out of session for the next two weeks—some officials are even projecting much longer. These expenses are crushing the hopes of so many of our families, many single mothers, striving to remain self-sufficient.

Others, people who just a few weeks ago were confident they’d never need help from a place like GRACE, now find themselves out of work. Some relief may come from the government eventually, but rent, utilities, food costs, and other necessities of life can’t wait.

Our senior clients, the most vulnerable, are in jeopardy from isolation and neglect. Our volunteers and staff are alert to the health status and serving the special needs of our older neighbors.

A growing concern is finding the added funds to serve the rapidly increasing needs and swelling ranks of our clients. With the stock market so volatile, our concerns are multiplied—many of our donors will simply wait for the markets to climb before giving again.

I know I am asking for a sacrifice, but please give. A gift now during these troubled times means even more. It is a broad leap of faith, and we are prayerfully hoping you will come alongside us to prevent this crisis from deepening to unrecoverable levels.

Right now, as exploitive as it may sound, cash gifts are so needed to assist with the current daycare needs we are witnessing, and the future increase in client services we are anticipating.

I so appreciate your past support of GRACE and the concern you have shown for those we serve. Anything. Anything you can do to help would be appreciated. I hope to report back to you soon with much better news! Many thanks!

Very truly yours,
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Shonda Schaefer
Chief Executive Officer