There are many GRACE programs that offer services to the community around us- programs that serve a diverse group of individuals. At a recent Board Meeting, Nichelle Sullivan, Public Affairs Manager, and Robert Novotny, Central Market Southlake General Manager, presented GRACE with a $5,000 check to help support one of GRACE’s programs in particular- the GRACE Friends and Family program. 

Friends and Family works to reduce social and physical isolation among senior residents ages 55 and older as well as individuals with disabilities. Participants are first connected to resources within and outside of GRACE. In addition, volunteer “matches” are made to help meet the social and physical needs of the members. During the Covid pandemic, senior citizens were the highest population to be secluded from loved ones. During that time, GRACE’s Friends and Family quickly became a very vital part of daily life for some seniors. Now, the program has over 80 senior residents, and each of them have been paired with a volunteer committed to showering them with the love and stability of a strong community. 

Central Market wanted to donate to an organization that was specifically working to help curb isolation and the effects of it. “Especially now we are even more aware of the vulnerably of our seniors” said Sullivan, and the importance of combating isolations and loneliness which is why your program caught my eye.” It was the mission behind the Friends and Family program that caught the Central Market team’s eye and motivated their generosity. 

What makes the experience even more special, is that the check will cover any type of expenses our clients in the program may need help with. For example, car notes, rent, insurance and mortgage have been some of the most recent needs for our clients. 

Thank you to Central Market for all they’ve done for the community. For more information on how to be a part of the Friends and Family Program, reach out to Christine Szymaszek at