In times of great crisis, heroes emerge to lend a hand to those in need and lead those who need a path to safety. We want to thank the following people and groups for their amazing courage and grace throughout this experience:

The City of Grapevine for quick action and running the warming center that was set up at the REC.

Grapevine Police and Fire Department for their bravery and for helping bring stranded community members to safety.

Jennifer Hibbs, Grapevine Assistant City Manager, and former GRACE board member for coordinating and managing emergency systems throughout the city.

Mike Hamlin, Grapevine Police Chief, and GRACE board member for his leadership both as an officer and a community member.

Compass Church helped shelter local residents. 

121 Community Church helped with a warming station. 

Grapevine Church of Christ for also setting up a warming station. 

Jamé Scott for volunteering to help with food distribution.

Rick Pacholick for shutting off the water after the pipe burst at our Main facility.

Jake Williamson who volunteered and did anything that was needed.

Kyle Buchanan who helped with food distribution.

Our Client Services Team who answered phones 24 hours a day assisting those in need.

This storm has affected every single person in our community and given us, yet again, an opportunity to see the power of the giving spirit…from the stranger that lends a snow shovel, to the family member braving a drive to the store, trying times like these show the importance of community and the true value of grace.

The ice might be melting but our work has just begun – Thank you to all those that helped and those that will help,
we are truly grateful.