After all that has happened in the last couple of years, we here at GRACE still have the same goal as we did when we first started, and that was to lend a hand to anyone in the community that has fallen on hard times. The GRACE Staff has made it their mission to change those in need of help, and they recognize that their hard work pays off not only in actions, but in words as well.

Marisol Landaverde is one of our bilingual caseworkers, and she has been at GRACE for a little over a year and every day is a different day and a different story for her. The amount of clients that she spends time with and gets to know are increasing day by day. Her love of listening to stories and creating relationships with clients is what brings her back into the office every day.

December 6th was a normal day for Marisol. She came to work, talked to clients, and did her regular routine but as she was working, an email came in from a client that she had just spoken to about a couple of weeks before. The client started by thanking her for arranging a good meal from the GRACE food pantry for the client’s family to eat, which also followed up with the family being able to make a cake together, which allowed bonding time for the family.

The client expressed deep gratitude towards Marisol, and acknowledged the power of blessings and prayers. They reassured Marisol that blessing always come back around. To Marisol and the GRACE client services team, we thank and appreciate you for all you do for GRACE.