First, the GRACE Gala. Then, the Annual Poker Tournament. Now, get ready for “Designer Bags & Bingo”! It just keeps getting better and better with Lynda Warner!

As far as anyone can tell, it began life as a concept around February or March 2018. Purse Bingo. Lynda Warner had been part of events like this elsewhere, but none exactly like this.

Lynda, and her husband Robert, had just launched the 2018 GRACE Gala Campaign when the idea struck.

“Top-of-the line designer purses,” said Lynda, her eyes narrowed as the idea sparked into a cascading torrent of thoughts and possibilities. “Excellent entertainment. Fun games. And plenty of good wines and champagnes!”

That was the beginning of “Designer Bags & Bingo,” coming up 6-9 p.m. on Thursday, April 23. There have been many imitators, but this is the original and the best!

After her duties as Gala Co-Chair concluded—and a great success it was—Lynda’s follow-up was the first annual GRACE Poker Tournament last January.  It was another resounding success (which will be repeated tomorrow night at the Second Annual GRACE Poker Tournament).

Finally, after all the finer details of the Poker Tournament were documented and filed, Lynda turned her laser-focused attention on Designer Bags & Bingo (DB&B), and started creating! Vantage Bank was the first to come onboard with a title sponsorship.

Then other sponsors, Randy White Real Estate Services. Elizabeth and John Huffman, owners of Black Door Renovations, jumped in. Then Joy Goodrum and the folks at Prism Dermatology. Next, Celebrity Cruises and Shannon O’Brien with Frosch Travel. And the rush was on!

And for good reason, proceeds from the event will support the GRACE Transitional Housing program.

“The [GRACE Transitional Housing] program works with homeless individuals and families,” said Lynda. “Intensive case management assists them in achieving education, career, and financial goals.”

Through Transitional Housing, the GRACE wrap-around services offer families the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness through a two-year program that focuses on education, employment, budgeting, and improving life skills, all aimed at achieving self-determination and self-sufficiency.

DB&B will feature many truly superior-value purses, with other additional prizes to be offered and won in unique ways. There are spies, so we are sworn to secrecy on the numbers of prize purses, designer names, side-bets and awards. All will be revealed to the DB&B players as they arrive April 23.

A table of ten is $900, a bargain off the per-ticket cost of $100. Sponsorships are still available with player spots part of all sponsorship levels. Each player will receive a wonderful swag bag of delightful and valuable items. Above all else, Lynda wants DB&B to be a fun event for all players, and a benefit to all those GRACE serves. Click Designer Bags & Bingo packet for more information.

“We promise to be wise stewards of your resources and to provide compassionate care to as many families as possible,” said Lynda. “Together we can make a lasting, tangible difference in the lives of families struggling in our midst.”

After working for a good three years with Lynda and Robert Warner, the GRACE staff and other volunteers know just how committed she is. As will all the many other events and activities she has developed for GRACE, this too will be a great success and continue for many years to come.

Come be a part of the inaugural event!