A new concept in fundraising attractions will debut this year at the GRACE Gala, November 6, at the Irving Convention Center. The GRACE Gala is often at the forefront of new, exciting ways for guests to support GRACE programs and services. This year the tradition continues.

In keeping with the vibrant and festive décor of this year’s GRACE Gala celebration, a “Piñata Pull” will offer an interactive way for guests to support GRACE. Dozens of small, colorful piñatas will float above the display, waiting to be selected by guests.

Once a piñata is chosen, the guest will pull a tab to reveal a marker good for a bottle of spirits provided by Bear Creek Spirits & Wine.

Randy Johnson, owner of Bear Creek Spirits & Wines, is providing the prizes at deeply discounted costs. AND there is another way you can help GRACE.

Now though November 5, when you visit Bear Creek, you can purchase a prize to be included in the Piñata Pull! Randy and his staff will have a list of spirits to choose from.

With your help, the Piñata Pull will join a long and impressive list of “firsts” for the GRACE Gala. Please visit Bear Creek Spirits & Wine at 7101 Colleyville Boulevard, and add one more prize for the GRACE Gala!

The GRACE Gala aspires to grow, change, and upgrade with each new year. The Piñata Pull will be the latest in a history of innovations.

The GRACE Gala first welcomed support from local jewelry stores and products that were included in the fantastically successful “Jewelry Pull” for many years. Even “Wine Pulls”, a staple of most charitable luncheons and galas, was ramped up at the GRACE Gala with some wines offered in the blind pull with a market value in the $75-$150 range.

Sponsors of the GRACE Gala were treated to specially curated wines branded for the GRACE Gala and placed on their tables before the doors open—a tradition that continues to this day. Exclusive sponsorships offer donors to lend their names to some of the highest profile Gala activities, such as the Band Sponsor, Valet Sponsor, Dinner Sponsor, and others.

The 2018 GRACE Gala launched the “Family-2-Family” campaign to provide additional funding options for community-minded donors.

The GRACE Gala was one of the first events in this region to offer mobile bidding on Silent Auction items, and the first to open Live Auction bidding online. The “virtual” GRACE Gala last year set a new standard for online events of this type.

Most of the “pulls” at the GRACE Gala sell out quickly, and the Gala expense budget is firmly set to ensure as much revenue is directed at GRACE programs and services as possible. Your help adding more bottles to the Piñata Pull prize lot will help raise more funds to support the families GRACE serves.

For more information about the GRACE Gala or the Piñata Pull, please contact Christina Cates at 817-503-4653.