Esmie Pic

With a cart of groceries nearly her own size, Esmie Gaughan celebrated her seventh birthday by helping to feed those in need.

Turning 7 years old. Most of us can scarcely imagined what we were thinking when that happened to us.

Not so, Esmie Gaughan, a third grader at Heritage Elementary. She was thinking of GRACE and those we serve.

At a time when many children think of cakes and candles, toys, dolls, and games to celebrate their birthdays, Esmie asked her friends to give a can or a box of food for the GRACE Food Pantry.

A recent article in the “Amazing GRACE Weekly” on the bare shelves at the GRACE Food Pantry touched her mother’s heart, and Esmie’s mother explained the need to her daughter.

Esmie passed the word on to her friends, and in a short time instead of collecting things for herself, she was collecting food for the tables of those who had nothing to eat.

GRACE is truly just a channel through which the generosity of our communities flow to those in need. The phrase “Angels Among Us” expresses our gratitude for those in our community who give. A story like Esmie’s affirms there are truly “angels among us”.