The 2016 Second Quarter GRACE MVP Award goes to Community Clinic Nurse Manager Shirley Roberts, RN, BAS, CCN for her fierce devotion to GRACE patients, staff and volunteers.

Shirley has instilled her passion and Christ-like love for others at GRACE since she came on staff the summer of 2014. Everyone who comes in contact with her enjoys her infectious warmth, enthusiastic spirit and servant heart.

When it comes to long clinics, late evenings and last-minute patients, the Clinic staff and volunteers seem unfazed and laser focused on the mission at hand under Shirley’s leadership.

As long as there is a job to do, Shirley will be there with her arms extended in case someone needs a hug or a shoulder to lean on.

Recently after 20 families suffered the loss of their homes in a Grapevine apartment fire, Shirley personally went on-site to comfort the family members and assess the physical needs of the infants who were at risk for smoke inhalation.

“Time and time again, Shirley is willing to go beyond the silos of her job description to embody the mission of GRACE in every facet,” says Executive Director Shonda Schaefer, “GRACE has the best staff any agency could ask for, and it’s team players like Shirley who make GRACE a special place to grow and serve.”

Shirley is a competent steward of Clinic resources, and constantly looks for ways to engage volunteers, connect with the community and find additional resources for patients in need. Her guidance leads hundreds of patients toward physical, emotional, and spiritual health, and GRACE couldn’t ask for a better Nurse Manager.

Congratulations, Shirley!