If your family has jumped on the Amazon Prime wagon, chances are you’re frequently feeling like a rock star with free quick shipping, Kindle Unlimited and other perks. But did you know that Amazon will ALSO match a portion of your purchase to benefit your selected charity?

Meet Amazon Smile, a program that matches 0.5% in funds every time you select “Check Out”.

It only takes a moment to select GRACE on Smile.Amazon.com, and from then on all transactions used under the same Amazon Smile link will be subject to the bonus gifts at no cost to you. Some donors keep the Amazon Smile link on their toolbar, and the process quickly becomes second nature.

The easiest part is that you can use your current Amazon account by clicking through the redirect link here.

When you take advantage of Amazon Pantry, Kindle E-Books or even that Cyber Monday after the holidays each year, keep GRACE in mind. Every dollar adds up, and every cent will be utilized to the best of our ability to strengthen families in need.