When Transitional Housing graduates follow new horizons after completing the program, it’s always bittersweet. Your generosity facilitates a life-changing experience that creates a lasting bond with their peers and the staff at GRACE.

Even though we know that we’ll keep in touch as their journey moves forward, a great deal of energy goes into allowing new families to enter the Transitional Housing Program, which can last up to two years of intense case management.

GRACE anticipates nearly a dozen new families this fiscal year.

It’s crucial that these women and men feel absolutely reassured when they come to GRACE, and have all the houseware comforts needed to make a new future.

We are calling for groups to prayerfully consider adopting a household, which means supplying everything a family would need when moving to a new location. This would include all kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, furnishings and food in the refrigerator.

This is a commitment that will have the full support of GRACE resources, but we are also looking to groups to coordinate together to ensure that these needs are met, whether it’s through fund raising, a donation drive or purchasing the items.

If your group is considering this, please contact Lara Hohweiler to discuss ideas.